Martin Bauer

The introduction explains generally the importance of tourism and develops ideas how tourism is today. Tourism opens the communication of local people and visitors.
Martin Bauer avoids the famous and overcrowded places of interest in Tuscany; he prefers “green tourism”: Nature - plants – landscape - traditions – people.
For one or more days of a journey in Tuscany (inclusive of good meals) for groups between 4 and 30 persons. Not inclusive are overnight stay and journey getting here. He can help you with this, if you like.
Preferred language is German, but he speaks also the English and Italian language. Meeting point is Pisa or airport Florence airports or the train station in Pescia (PT). The full day price is between 150 € and 300 €.

"Marin Bauer"
Teacher for Education and Culture and performance artist.
He has lived in Tuscany for 25 years and has worked in tourism for 20 years. Contact and address.

"Activity proposals"
The introduction describes tourism as a cultural exchange to spend your free time in an informative, creative and serene way.

The following 6 categories show some proposals for a tourist day in Tuscany:

1. Eat, drink and enjoy
Olives, pizza or chestnuts, mushrooms (Porcini/Tartuffe) or cooking course of typical Tuscan food
2. Nature, plants, culture
Little Pesciatina Switzerland” trekking or plants/flowers/fruits of the season or Villas and parks in and around Lucca
3. Traditions and fests
Markets and “sagre” or New Years Eve or Carneval or “Ferragosto”
4. Art, history
Leonardo da Vinci or Giaccomo Puccini or Etruscans or personalities of Renaissance or contemporary art
5. Tuscan Highlights in a different way
Florence, Pisa or San Gimignano by night or Siena seen by a “contrada”
6. Little hidden pearls and specialities
Pescia and its arrounding hills or San Miniato il Tedesco or Pistoia or Prato or the marble of Carrara or hot water springs in nature